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Panel Lifter System

The patented McCulloch Panel Lifter is a unique system that removes and replaces rail panels swiftly and safely. Completely remote controlled, the machine creates an instant exclusion zone ensuring the safety of all on site.


McCulloch Group’s Trac Rail Transposer is a safe and efficient way to transport, remove and install lengths of rail and associated iron work.


Our Trac Cable Transporter (TCT) is designed to lift, transport, and dispense cable from pre-wound cable reels, more safely and efficiently than traditional methods.


All the exceptional features of the TRTTM, but with the added benefit of zero emissions. This entirely electric machine is the first of its kind – a zero emissions solution for the Rail Industry.


The MMPV (McCulloch Multi-Purpose Vehicle) is a selfmounting, self-propelled (and with the addition of our crane module) self-loading vehicle that can complete a variety of tasks.


Our Polaris Ranger is the perfect addition to any track maintenance job.


One of the original members of the McCulloch fleet is our Unimog.

McCulloch Turnout Solution

Our McCulloch Turnout Solution is the perfect solution to move and replace S&C. This latest innovation is coming soon.

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