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McCulloch TCT

The Trac Cable Transporter (TCT) is designed to lift, transport, and dispense cable from pre-wound cable reels. It does this more safely and efficiently than traditional methods due it being entirely remote controlled.

The latest iteration of this rubber tracked machine can now be used to lift and dispense reels of cable up to 1600mm in diameter and two metric tons in weight.

Features & Benefits

Extremely agile and maneuverable around most track furniture

Certified for use under live OLE (Overhead Line Equipment)

Can work with a variety of types and sizes of cable drums

Compact size enables rapid deployment and demobilization

Creates both time and cost efficiencies and deploys quicker than alternatives

Remote controlled creating safety exclusions zones for track teams

Transports and lays out all geotextiles for formation works

Actively deployed in…

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Wales

Trusted by…

  • Network Rail

Watch our TCT in action…

Our TCT specifications…

McCulloch Group – TCT Specification Document

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