McCulloch Panel Lifter

The patented McCulloch Panel Lifter is a unique system that removes and replaces rail panels swiftly and safely.

Using remote control technology, the Panel Lifter creates an instant exclusion zone which eliminates any handling issues and keeps your team safe while panels are removed and replaced. The speed at which it works makes it a more efficient and faster process, an important element to consider on projects with limited possession timescales.

This system has been used successfully in the UK for over 10 years and is arguably the most efficient system (from a cost and time perspective) for removing and replacing rail panels in the UK. It’s fully certified for use across the Rail Network.

Features & Benefits

9 tonne lifting capability, per Panel Lifter

Variable track width allowing access and use in narrow environments like tunnels and bridges

Can easily cross multiple tracks

Can work under live Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) and Any Line Open working (ALO)

Two machines can be used for panel lengths of up to 90ft. For longer panels, more machines can be added.

This system working alongside our TRTs, Rail Logistic System and FLASS, McCulloch Rail have developed a total single line renewal methodology that has been proved to be beneficial

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