McCulloch TRT™

McCulloch Group’s Trac Rail Transposer is a safe and efficient way to transport, remove and install lengths of rail and associated iron work, under live Overheard Line Equipment.

The TRTTM has operated with 99.7% proven reliability during its 15 years of operation on the UK rail network, meaning it has full approval to operate on Network Rail and the London Underground network, including deep tubes. 

Features & Benefits

Can remove and install all profiles of rail including but not limited to Bull Head, Flat Bottom Rail and Conductor Rail

Ideal for use on both single line and multiple track layouts

Can easily cross multiple tracks, including areas with conductor rails

Can operate in confined spaces such as tunnels and bridges

Removes, transposes, moves and installs rail in a safe controlled manner by remote control

Creates both cost and time efficiencies when compared to alternative methods

Transports and installs switches and crossings

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