McCulloch TRTe™

McCulloch Group’s TRTeTM – the electric Trac Rail Transport is the rail industry’s first zero emissions solution. So not only do you get safe and efficient transportation, removal and install of rail and iron work – it also helps you achieve your own carbon efficiency targets.

The TRTe uses an electric motor and battery power pack instead of the traditional diesel engine and is run via an electronic control system with remote condition monitoring. This enables it to be worked more extensively on the rail infrastructure where diesel emissions and noise pollution are a challenge.

This machine operates in the same way as our TRTTM , a machine which has operated with 99.7% proven reliability during its 15 years of operation on the UK rail network. 

Features & Benefits

Fully electric; meaning reduced environmental impact, pollution and carbon footprint

Can remove and install all profiles of rail including but not limited to Bull Head, Flat Bottom Rail and Conductor Rail.

Ideal for use on both single line and multiple track layouts

Can easily cross multiple tracks, including areas with conductor rails

Can operate in confined spaces such as tunnels and bridges

Can be used to reposition any length of plain line rail from 20ft up to 1418ft

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