Turnout Solution

With a 50 tonne lifting capacity per system, The McCulloch turnout solution will revolutionise the installation of switches and crossings globally. 

With its caterpillar tracks, the 25T solution can access and egress almost anywhere on track. The MTS can easily move pre-built panels in any direction before installation. This allows customers to handle their S&C installation with ease, without the need for large work areas or temporary track and the associated planning issues. 

Features & Benefits

Remote control operation: allows for precise and safe lifting of S&C panels without the need for personnel to be in close proximity.

Radio controlled headsets: provide clear communications between operators, improving safety and efficiency.

Tilting wagon unloading: the equipment can be unloaded from a tilting wagon, minimizing the need for additional equipment and personnel.

Increased manoeuvrability: the 25T Turnout Solution can be used to build panels away from the track and driven down, reducing disruption to rail operations.

No set up time: and does not require temporary track. Caterpillar tracks allows quick of access or egress to clear site when work is completed.

Caterpillar tracks: enable the equipment to access and egress easily, increasing versatility.

Combined: 50,000kg lifting capacity and can work with all types of gauge.

Versatile: our equipment can lift all types of S&C panels and can remove and install plain line panels.

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