McCulloch MMPV

The MMPV (McCulloch Multi-Purpose Vehicle) is a self-mounting, self-propelled (and with the addition of our crane module) self-loading vehicle that can be adapted to a variety of tasks.

The MMPV is an effective piece of kit within the following environments:

  • Where track possession and occupation times are short or difficult due to scheduled train movements.
  • Where significant volumes of materials and resources need to be delivered to the work location.
  • Where unwanted materials, waste, equipment etc needs to be recovered and removed efficiently from the infrastructure.

Features & Benefits

Lifts itself on and off the track, fully loaded, so it can be prepared for work activity before the possession of the line is granted. It can also be unloaded and packed away once possession has been handed back.

Within gauge, suitable for planned ALO (Any Line Open) working subject to ECC limitations

Suitable to lift on and off track and travel under live OLE (Overhead Line Equipment) subject to ECC limitations.

Carrying capabilities of 40 tonnes

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